Angel Rafael Benitez

Venezuelan, 52 years old


Ángel began his career as an autocross driver in 1980, managing to win the championship that same year. The following year at just 19 years old, he started driving on the asphalt in the expert enhanced tourism category.

Benítez has managed to accumulate countless victories in his 38 years of racing, he has also prepared and trained various renowned drivers, including his son Ángel Andrés Benítez who today also serves as a recognized driver.

After more than 10 years on the asphalt, Benítez was motivated to found what would be his first school for pilots in Venezuela in 1991. Training several pilots such as Ricardo Vassmer, Francisco Cerullo, Antonio Picella among others.

This passion for cars combined with his commitment to teach others was the main motivation of Ángel Benítez to create a team that gave support and training to others, this is how in 2012 FMS Motorsports was born.


  • Motorsport Formula Category / Class: Porsche GT3 Cup.
  • Now occupy 5th place in category A Fara MP2.
  • Best starting position: 2nd place in Fara.
  • Best race position: 1st place in Fara.

Driving a Real Race Car is a Dream …

That only Formula Motorsports can make a reality.

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