Anselmo Gonzales Pacheco

Anselmo Gonzalez Pacheco

Venezuelan, 47 years old


Anselmo Julio González, was born in Venezuela and at an early age began his automobile career thanks to his father who shared the same passion for racing. Anselmo performed in different categories during his career achieving first places in Venezuelan championships with teams like Chrysler and Hyundai. In 1999, Anselmo achieved international exposure with Chrysler, where he traveled to Sebring and won the championship.

His passion and high performance as a driver motivated him to make the transition to pilot advisor training different drivers such as Ángel A Benítez, Gaetano Ardagna, Andrés Delgado among others. Anselmo joins FMS Motorsport as manager and pilot, where he performs with excellence winning several championships and training drivers.


  •  Arrived in 1st place at the FARA 500 (Formula Motorsports Category Porsche Cup GT3)
  • 5th place in MP2-A at FARA
  • Achieved 2nd place in FARA’s classification
  • More than 10 years of experience in the racing field

Driving a Real Race Car is a Dream …

That only Formula Motorsports can make a reality.

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